FIDM invites you to “The Future of…

The creative industries have experienced so much change in 2020. At the college, we keep asking our faculty and industry advisors how this change will impact the future; what do they see coming next? We decided to share their answers by creating “The Future of…”, a lunch and learn series to explore how the events of 2020 will effect the future of the design of business.

The topic of our next webinar on September 15th is the Future of Brick and Mortar where we’ll be joined by Larry Bruce, director of stores at Saks 5th Avenue, as well as Ciel Kullman of Zumiez. In coming months we’ll explore the future of entrepreneurship, social media, big data and waste. I invite you to click on the links below to register. I think you’ll find these conversations as useful as I have and hope you’ll consider joining us.

Upcoming Events:

  • September 15, 12PM
    Future of Brick and Mortar 
  • October 13, 12PM
    Future of Entrepreneurs
  • November 10, 12PM
    Future of Social Media
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